Solid fuel

Solid fuels such as woodchips, bark, pellets, fuel wood, peat, baled waste etc, are important products for the port of Hargshamn, with customers such as Vattenfall, Norrenergi, Stockholm Exergi and E.ON.

  • There are several major cogeneration plants in the region.
  • A number of new heating plants using baled waste as fuel, are planned or under construction in our geographic area.
  • Throghout the 2000s, the use of biofuels has exceeded targets and forecasts.
  • Future expected growth of fuels, such as wood chips, bark and pellets.


The area north of Stockholm has three waste-fuelled heating plants that each incinerate more than 100,000 tonnes annualy. More plants of the same size are planned. In Sweden as whole, waste incineration provides for around 15 % of district heating production.
Exsisting and planned waste-fuelled heating plants in Stockholm-Uppsala and the EU's Landfill Directive (wich encourages countries to export their waste), create good opportunities for the port of Hargshamn for continued handling of imported volumes of baled fuels.