The port is closed for public traffic and unauthorized persons do not have access to the port area. Unauthorized vehicles and persons will be rejected. Temporary visitors may not enter the port area without special permission, or without someone from the harbour accompanying them.

When you will be working in the harbour in your capacity as a contractor, you must also have passed the SSG Entre Basic and the local course Hargs Hamn Entre. You always have to carry your Access card with you when you are on site. 
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A security company regularly patrol the port area. The security personell are authorized to perform ID-checks as well as deter unauthorized persons, issue inspection fees for unauthorized vehicles. Incidense reports will be forwarded to the police.

It is strictly prohibited
  • to board ships without special permission
  • to deal with smuggeled goods
  • fishing from the piers and shorelines

Prohibition of smoking

  • on board ships
  • in the staff premises
  • in driver cabs
  • in the warehouses
  • where stone- or wood chipping, or cargo handling is in progress